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How Can ChatGPT Help in College Admissions
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    How Can ChatGPT Help in College Admissions?- Prompts and Much More


    Update: This article was last updated on 16th April 2024 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

    We’ve always wondered if there was a tool that would help us be creative when we are exhausted and not be able to think anymore, never thought it could be a reality. Built around a large amount of text data, this AI chatbot, ChatGPT can respond to various stimuli conversationally. The importance of this application is immense, and the entire community, students, teachers, parents, and researchers have been using it with excitement about the potential impacts on many companies in the future. 

    According to nerdynav, 43% of college students have been using ChatGPT or similar AI tools, of which 89% used it for homework, 53% for essays, and 48% for at-home tests.


    Individual sentiments range from praise and delight to skepticism and anxiety, as is typical with any novel development. Among the many questions people have is how ChatGPT will affect college admissions and the college application essay.

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    Different Ways ChatGPT Can Help in College Admissions

    College admission is a highly competitive and challenging process. Technological improvements have now introduced the possibility of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to help in this arena. ChatGPT, an acclaimed chatbot developed by OpenAI, is one of these tools that have the potential to influence the college admissions setting. 

    This article examines how ChatGPT might help candidates and admissions staff, possibly changing the conventional college admissions process.

    Here’s how ChatGPT can help in your college admission:

    1. Personalized Guidance and Support:

    ChatGPT can be an invaluable asset for ambitious college applicants, as it offers personalized guidance and assistance during the admissions process. ChatGPT can provide specific guidance about the admission process of different colleges, submission deadlines, and standardized test formats. 

    It can assist you by explaining the importance of different testing parameters and walk you through the nitty gritty of the intricate admission process. This interactive feedback can help candidates enhance their applications, leading to more effective submissions. ChatGPT, through its apt guidance, keeps applicants updated and focused during the application process.

    However, suppose you plan to use ChatGPT for your college admission process. In that case, we advise you to maintain your authenticity and also approach admission professionals to get the most up-to-date details, as there will always be room for discrepancies in the details. 

    2. Improved Application Essays: 

    The essay section of college applications holds significance since it reflects an applicant’s unique talents and experiences. ChatGPT might assist with this by recommending essay ideas, assisting with organization and structure, and providing polished vocabulary. You can leverage ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas for your college application essays. 

    ChatGPT could offer candidates a wealth of varied writing styles and samples by using its huge text collection, assisting them in producing captivating narratives that appeal to admission authorities. 

    This AI-powered service could enhance essay quality and maximize chances of standing out in many applications. The AI gives you actionable feedback, which you can work on and develop engaging, impactful, and impressive write-ups. 

    3. Choosing the right college:

    One of the most complicated issues you face during college admissions is the choice of college. There will be so many options based, which can often create unnecessary confusion. With ChatGPT, you can easily get past those perplexities.

    The innovative AI tool allows you to research and evaluate different colleges. It will equip you with details such as campus culture, academic programs, financial aids, location, programs, etc. 

    ChatGPT is smart enough to understand your requirements and expectations and provides customized recommendations and suggestions. Using all this information, you can decide wisely and choose the college that caters to your interest the most.

    4. Interview prep up

    Personal interviews are an integral part of most of the colleges and institutions out there. But since this will be your first time attempting such interviews, it is okay to feel clueless and nervous. But what if ChatGPT can also help you with personal interview preparation?

    So, when you enter relevant prompts, ChatGPT will create imaginary interview situations. It will provide you with a set of expected questions as well. The AI will also help you with strategies to crack your college admission interview rounds easily. 

    You can also seek guidance from the tool regarding your tone, body language, presentation skills, etc., for the interview.

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    5. Fairness and Equity

    College admissions procedures make an effort to be both fair and egalitarian, giving every prospective student equal opportunities. ChatGPT offers assistance with achieving this objective by offering conventional and unbiased reviews. Unlike human critics who may add emotional biases unintentionally, ChatGPT applies objective analysis, lowering potential prejudices in the enrollment process. 

    In addition, artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT may help overcome resource differences and offer quality advice and input to students from every socioeconomic group. This leveling of the playing field fosters equitable learning while encouraging students who may not have access to typical college counseling alternatives.

    6. Innovative Evaluation Techniques

    ChatGPT is capable of assisting admissions staff with their evaluation processes. The AI tool can help with the initial screening of applications by emphasizing important qualities and flaws using its natural language processing features. 

    This can save admissions personnel time and enable them to focus on the more complex parts of applications. Further, AI techniques can help detect unique applicants’ characteristics that could be overlooked, leading to an enhanced screening process and potentially unearthing exceptional candidates among the application pool.


    Steps to help writing Essay using ChatGPT

    1. Generating Ideas

    When selecting a topic for your college essay, aim to showcase a unique aspect of your personality from a fresh perspective. Initiating a brainstorming session to explore various concepts serves as an effective starting point. This process fosters creativity, encourages introspection, and facilitates the identification of links between disparate thoughts or experiences.

    Generate 10 questions to help me brainstorm topics for my college admission essay.

    Utilizing ChatGPT to generate questions can further enhance your brainstorming efforts.

    2. Create Outline

    College admission essays offer flexibility in structure, allowing for creative approaches and storytelling techniques. Two common structures are the narrative style (chronological storytelling highlighting personal growth) and the vignette or montage style (interconnected scenes centered on a unifying topic or theme).

    Provide a very short outline for a college admission essay. The essay will be about my experience working at an animal shelter. The essay will be 500 words long.

    Whichever structure you opt for, maintain a clear narrative and ensure seamless transitions.

    3. Feedback

    You can use ChatGPT to help revise your essay before submitting it to ensure that it’s of high quality. However, ChatGPT cannot provide the same kind of informed feedback as a human, and it’s not able to adequately judge qualities such as vulnerability and authenticity. For this reason, it’s important to also ask for feedback from two to three people who have experience with college essays and who know you well.

    Provide constructive feedback on how to improve the above essay about appropriateness of tone, clarity of structure, and grammar and punctuation.

    Alternatively, you can seek the advice of a human essay coach or editor. We recommend using Scribbr’s essay editing service.

    Is it Ethical to Write Essays for College Admission Process?

    You can, of course, use ChatGPT for essay writing. But there’s still something that you need to be concerned about. 

    While ChatGPT can produce language that mimics human writing, it is still an automated system that could fail to generate high-quality articles that fulfill academic standards reliably. It is critical to proceed with care and carefully evaluate any writings produced by ChatGPT. You should also fix the inaccuracies, mistakes, or logical inconsistencies generated by the system. 

    You should also remember that using ChatGPT to write essays devoid of proper referencing or attribution may be considered plagiarism which can have serious consequences in academic and professional situations. 

    So, rather than copy-pasting AI-generated content on your application, you should use ChatGPT as a source of inspiration. Then soak in this inspiration with your creative juice to create an original piece of content. 


    As technology advances, the role of AI technologies such as ChatGPT in college application processes gets more prominent. ChatGPT’s customized counseling and support enhance candidates’ chances of success while encouraging fairness and equity in the admissions procedure. Also, the possibility of better application essays and new evaluation methodologies benefits both candidates and admissions authorities. 

    Let’s accept this tool as a supporting element that makes your work easier. However, do not allow the tool to do everything for you, as relying on this AI blindly can have serious consequences. 

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    In everyday observation, it’s evident that ChatGPT is employed across various industries for a range of tasks. Its application extends to creating engaging content, encompassing descriptions, headlines, and call-to-actions. By harnessing insights from prevailing trends, this adaptable tool proves valuable in optimizing content creation workflows and elevating communication strategies across diverse sectors.

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