9 Business Ideas for Kids in 2023



A business idea clearly describes and defines a new idea for a business initiative, such as forming a new company or developing a new product for a specific target market.

Kids’ intelligence and creativity can accomplish amazing things. Entrepreneurship can be started at a young age too. There are various opportunities for kids to start their individual businesses. 

They simply require supervision from their parents or teachers. It is the responsibility of parents to help their kids inherit some entrepreneurial skills. Kids just need basic support from parents and the rest will be taken care of by themselves. Kids need to be taught to live independently along with learning new things.

Here are some business ideas for kids:

1. Lemonade Seller

Selling Lemonade can be one of the most profitable, cost-effective, and popular businesses for kids. A little support from parents can lead their kids to learn these skills. Lemonade stands can be both a profitable business idea and an enjoyable activity for kids. Kids are always eager to try new things. Here’s a video on how to set up your own lemonade stand.

2. Inventor

Kids can also use their creativity and innovation skills to come up with various ideas regarding new products and services, create those products and services or even sell their ideas. Ideas can also be sold to others who want to develop them for themselves.

For example, Sania, a 14 year old, created Sania Box and raised $8000 on Kickstarter.

3. Tutoring Service Provider

Kids can share their knowledge by tutoring younger kids in their school or neighborhood who need help with specific subjects. Tutoring Services help kids improve their knowledge because sharing knowledge helps them to become more knowledgeable. 

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4. Artist

Kids typically have various artistic skills such as drawing, paper crafting, and painting. So, these artistic kids can use their skills and artwork to sell directly to customers. In addition, artwork created by kids has its own fan base.

For example, 12-year old Moonpreneur, Deleena created a short-animated covid-awareness campaign for NFT platforms.

5. Balloon Artist

Balloon artists are kids who work at festivals and special events. So, if a kid knows how to create different kinds of items out of balloons, the kid can charge customers individually or can support event organizers by providing these services. 

6. Greeting Card Maker

Making greeting cards is a popular activity among children. But, they usually make greeting cards for themselves, to give to their friends or family members. But, this can also be used as a business concept. Kids can create and sell various types of greeting cards based on their interests.

7. Babysitter

Older kids can also provide babysitting services to parents who need someone to watch their younger kids while they are away. Older kids can act as babysitters for younger kids whose parents are away.

8. Elderly Care Provider

Kids may not be able to provide medical care services or serve as primary carers, but they can support or offer their services to seniors who need help with various chores in and around the house or who simply need some extra company.

9. Book Seller

If a kid has a large book collection, they can sell those books through online stores such as Amazon or eBay or through offline means like selling those books to bookshops or younger kids in their school or neighborhood.

They can choose any means to sell their books based on the books and kids’ interests.

These are some small business ideas for kids that will help them learn many skills and grow as individuals.

Moonpreneur is empowering the young generation to become future innovators and entrepreneurs by providing them with the world’s education. Keep learning and follow Moonpreneur to get such informative content for your child.

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