best school districts in georgia

Best School Districts in Georgia

best school districts in georgia


Georgia school districts are well-known for embracing new ideas to deliver the best progressive learning practices and new initiatives to better prepare students for college and the workplace, making it one of the country’s best education hubs.   georgia school districts

Georgia boasts a vast educational landscape with 181 school districts, both big and small, housing a total of 2,200 schools. These schools are staffed by a dedicated force of over 114,800 teachers who tirelessly educate a student population of around 1.6 million every day, reports

Student demographics in Georgia                      student demographics in georgia


If you are a resident of the state and are looking for a curated list of the best school districts in Georgia, here are some of the top school districts in the state include:

1) Oconee County School District (GA) 

The Oconee County School District has only 11 schools, but it is a high-performing district in Georgia that is consistently ranked among the top school districts in the state.  

With a strong focus on academic excellence, it invests heavily in technology to improve learning and student engagement. It has a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced teachers, and it has won the hearts of parents by instituting safety measures to keep students and staff safe while at school.

oconee county school district (ga)

According to state test scores, 74% of students are at least proficient in math and 71% in reading.

Average Graduation Rate: 98%

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2) City Schools of Decatur  

The district has 11 schools, ten of which are public and one of which is a virtual academy. The district is well-known for hiring the best professionals in the field, with more than 70% of our teachers holding advanced degrees and an average of 13 years of experience.

city schools of decatur

Average Graduation Rate: 96.73% 

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3) Forsyth County School District 

Forsyth County School District, Georgia’s fifth largest district, has 41 schools that excel in solid academic programs and prepare students for success in college and careers. 

forsyth county school district

It provides a wide range of extracurricular activities, advanced placement courses, and career and technical education programs, as well as highly qualified teachers and excellent facilities. Furthermore, the district places a strong emphasis on technology integration.

Average Graduation Rate – 95%

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4) Chattahoochee County Schools 

A very small school district with only 3 schools, it is on a mission to prepare all students for college and career readiness as productive members of society. 

It is recognized as a military flagship school system and is located in a small, rural community.

chattahoochee county schools

Average Graduation Rate 94%

5) Buford City Schools 

Buford City is home to five schools that prepare students to be globally competitive, critical thinkers, innovative, and responsible citizens.

buford city schools

Average Graduation Rate 93%

We have prepared the list keeping in mind the graduation rate of the schools mentioned on Niche, a website that ranks schools and neighborhoods based on data and reviews, and the official website of the school districts.  

It’s crucial to keep in mind that school rankings can be influenced by various elements, including students’ academic achievement, graduation rates, and available educational opportunities. 

Additionally, personal opinions may differ. To make an informed decision, it’s advisable to thoroughly research the school district and visit the schools in question.

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