Robotics Classes for Kids

Why Is Moonpreneur One Of The Best Robotics Classes For Kids in San Jose

Robotics Classes for Kids


San Jose, California is witnessing a rise in the number of Robotics courses and training programs in order to prepare children for high-value careers in the field of robotics. The stats had projected earlier that the period between 2016 and 2026 will see a rise of 9% in careers related to the field of robotics in various spheres of consumer life. 

The advent of Industry 4.0 will demand a different category of employability skills and to achieve the industry requirements it is important that children today are groomed from their early years and Moonpreneur has proven to be one of the best choices in San Jose, as we boast of Robotics courses and training programs that have been both vetted by industry experts and proven to provide the career skills your child needs.

Here is why you should consider Moonpreneur for your child robotics’s classes in San Jose, CA.

1. Focus on Holistic Learning

robotics classes for kids san jose

At Moonpreneur we focus on imparting Holistic Education to our students, this means that a child enrolling in Moonpreneur’s Robotics Program learns all technical skills related to microcontrollers, Arduino IDE, electrical circuits, and electronic components like accelerometer, and gyroscope but they will also learn the power and entrepreneurial skills which will help them imparting the gained knowledge successfully as well as take on a successful professional career in the future.

2. Imparting Experiential and Hands-On Learning

Moonpreneneur is among very few platforms that use the concept of experiential learning to teach children Robotics. Every enrolling child at Moonpreneur receives multiple learning kits to work on and experiment thus helping them understand the concepts more clearly. 

 Imparting Experiential and Hands-On Learning  Imparting Experiential and Hands-On Learning

Moonprenuer has specifically manufactured custom-designed kits such as Embedded Learner Kit V2, Product Prototyping Kit, and Moonpreneur Board Game to help simplify the learning process along with providing children with a hands-on learning experience.

3. Developing An Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Moonpreneur’s Robotics Course is not just any course that a child enrolls in, it is more of a meticulously designed educational course where young learners get opportunities to work with circuits, master coding, turn their ideas into a working prototype, and eventually become an entrepreneur by launching their innovation into the market with help of crowdfunding platforms such as Moonfunded. This entrepreneurial mindset helps a child become smarter and more confident.

4. Ensuring The Learning Cycle Is Completed

Moonpreneur’s Robotics course is not about imparting textbook-based learning into a kid’s mind and considering the job done. Children enrolling in Moonpreneur’s Robotics Program learn and master the skills required to make an innovative working prototype which is then made into a marketable product. This teaches them the basics of entrepreneurship and other vital skills such as team building, leadership, and networking. 

All these acquired skill sets are then put to a test in a multi-team competition called MoonBattle, where teams formulate innovative ideas and then battle them out in front of a global jury. These stages ensure that the learning cycle comes full circle and a student has gained all required skills as well as practical knowledge related to Robotics.

5. Using Gamification Learning

Gamification Learning is a technique which is about applying gaming strategies and skills to improve learning thus, making it more engaging for students. Moonpreneur uses Gamification Learning as a tool to help instill lifelong skills in the students such as problem-solving, critical thinking, social awareness, cooperation, and collaboration. 

The usage of this technique puts Moonpreneur among very few platforms in San Jose that impart knowledge by using Gamification Learning.

6. Instructor-led Group Sessions

Moonpreneur has instructor-led group sessions has one instructor and they preside over the sessions and teach the students through presentations, demonstrations, and discussions. the group size is kept at a maximum of five students per instructor it helps in promoting
Personalized Learning

  • Immediate Feedback
  • Better Student-Tutor interaction
  • Gaining a Hands-On Experience

These pointers will help you have clarity as to how Moonpreneur’s robotics classes for kids can transform your kid’s life. What’s more interesting is that Moonpreneur offers a 60-min free robotics workshop to children between ages 8-15 to help children and parents experience their new age teaching methodology book a free trial class today and see why Moonpreneur is one of the best Robotics classes for kids in San Jose.

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