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Top 5 Best Private High Schools In Los Angeles
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    8 Best Private High Schools In Los Angeles


    Top 5 Best Private High Schools In Los Angeles

    Update: This article was last updated on 3 November 2023 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

    In Los Angeles, there are numerous private high schools. Parents highly prefer these few top private schools firmly committed to giving students a secure and encouraging atmosphere and a wide range of academic and extracurricular offerings. 291 private high schools serve approximately 79,030 kids as of the 2023 academic year.

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    Factors When Choosing A School

    To help you make an informed choice about your child’s education, we will examine the best private schools in Los Angeles

    School Name Location Yearly Tuition Fee
    Harvard Westlake School 3700 Coldwater Canyon Ave Studio City, CA 91604 $42,600
    Flintridge Preparatory School 4543 Crown Avenue LA Canada Flintridge, CA 91011 $41,500
    Marlborough School 2505 Rossmore Ave Los Angeles, CA 90004 $45,800
    Sage Hill 20402 Newport Coast Drive Newport Coast, CA 92657 $47,950
    Windward School 11350 Palms Boulevard LA, CA 90066 $30,000
    Polytechnic School 1030 E California BLVD Pasadena CA 91106 $41,900
    Sierra Canyon School 11052 Independence Ave Chatsworth, CA 91311 $42,800
    The Webb Schools 1175 W Baseline RD Claremont CA 91711 $54,752

    1. Harvard-Westlake School

    Website: https://www.hw.com/  Location: 3700 COLDWATER CANYON AVE STUDIO CITY, CA 91604 Phone: 310-288-3200
    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 9:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1380
    • Yearly Tuition: $42,600

    For students in grades 7 through 12, Harvard-Westlake School is a renowned independent, coed high school. In 1989, Harvard School for Boys and Westlake School for Girls merged to form the institution. 

    The solid academic curriculum at Harvard-Westlake is well-known, and a wide choice of courses in subjects, including math, physics, social studies, and foreign languages, are among those available. As additional support for students, the school provides a wide range of college preparation courses.

    Apart from academics, Harvard-Westlake Athletics offers top-notch coaching, excellent athletic facilities, and exceptional sports science and medicine, performance, nutrition, and psychology programs.

    2. Flintridge Preparatory School

    Website: https://www.flintridgeprep.org/ Location: 4543 CROWN AVENUE LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, CA 91011 Phone: 818-790-1178
    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 7:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1430
    • Yearly Tuition: $41,500

    Flintridge Preparatory School, an internationally renowned nonsectarian co-educational institution, is second on our list for students in grades 7 through 12. The school has modern infrastructure and talented teachers who aid students eager to study and develop holistically.

    The academic program at school is demanding, focusing on preparing students for college. Their co-curricular and academic programs balance rigor and enjoyment, encouraging students’ creativity and directing their growth as individuals. Numerous Advanced Placement (AP) courses, such as AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP English, and AP History, are available at the institution.

    A science research course at Flintridge Prep leads to a year-long independent study project. The school’s interdisciplinary studies curriculum also allows students to participate, allowing them to go deep into a particular topic or subject. The school offers an excellent science division.

    Apart from academics, There are more than 20 interscholastic sports teams at Flintridge Prep, including teams for both boys and girls, with a state-of-the-art athletic complex with a gymnasium, weight room, and locker rooms.

    3. Marlborough School

    Website: https://www.marlborough.org/ Location: 250 S ROSSMORE AVE LOS ANGELES, CA 90004 Phone: 323-935-1147
    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 8:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1430
    • Yearly Tuition: $45,800

    Marlborough School is an excellent option for parents looking for a private high school only for female students. Mary Caswell established the institution in 1888, and it has earned a long-standing reputation for academic achievement and leadership development.

    One of the unique aspects of Marlborough School is the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) program that allows students can create, cooperate, and gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to become tomorrow’s leaders. The program caters to multiple disciplines, from Robotics to Media students can work on their ideas with the assistance of mentors.

    Marlborough’s college counseling program is as individual as each of its students. Their main goal is to meet the unique needs of each high school student in terms of college preparation. To achieve this, the school has three full-time college counselors who work with students and their parents to support their child’s college application and research through regular meetings.

    4. Sage Hill

    Website: https://www.sagehillschool.org/ Location: 20402 NEWPORT COAST DRIVE NEWPORT COAST, CA 92657 Phone: 949-219-0100
    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 6:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1390
    • Yearly Tuition: $47,950

    Sage Hill is situated on a campus of more than 28 acres, which includes pleasant classrooms, spacious areas, cutting-edge art and athletic facilities, and a recently rebuilt library. They also have a diverse and dynamic curriculum that encourages critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity is provided to children at school.

    Sage Hill provides its students with a wide range of courses and exciting electives in all academic areas. With more than 30 AP, accelerated, and post-AP classes, they provide plenty of opportunities for students to challenge themselves with the work and preparation needed to gain their dream college.

    Apart from pursuing academic excellence, the school also prioritizes creating well-rounded, ethical, and socially conscious students. To ensure this, the school provides various extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations, such as athletics, music, theater, debate, and community service.

    5. Windward School

    Website: https://www.windwardschool.org/ Location: 11350 PALMS BOULEVARD LOS ANGELES, CA 90066 Phone: 310-391-7127
    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 6:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1390
    • Yearly Tuition: $42,245

    Windward School was founded in 1971 by Shirley Windward, and it provides a demanding academic curriculum for students in grades 7 through 12. It has been accredited by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

    The school’s curriculum is built keeping STEAM learning in mind. To accomplish a goal, their STEAM curriculum pushes students to iteratively work through difficulties while pursuing bold ideas and trying new ways. Students studying STEAM are taught how to problem-solve creatively. Before coming up with a final answer, students develop numerous prototypes and iterations of their ideas. 

    Apart from academics, Windward has teams in various sports, including basketball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis, which are part of the school’s competitive athletic program. The school competes in the Alpha League and is a part of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). 

     6. Polytechnic School

    Website: https://www.polytechnic.org/about Location: 1030 E CALIFORNIA BLVD PASADENA, CA 91106 Phone: 626-396-6300
    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 7:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 143
    • Yearly Tuition: $41,900

    One of the best private schools in Los Angeles, Polytechnic School translates as “many arts,” and it has been a place where students can develop into multifaceted, intellectually aspirational citizens of the world.

    Polytechnic can construct a coordinated sequence of learning across all grades and developmental stages because it is a K–12 institution. The Lower, Middle, and Upper School programs give pupils consistency and enable Poly teachers to make significant long-term investments in each child’s development. 

    7. Sierra Canyon School

    Website: https://www.sierracanyonschool.org/ Location: 11052 INDEPENDENCE AVE CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 Phone: 818-882-8121
    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 9:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1350
    • Yearly Tuition: $42,800

    Located in Chatsworth, California, the Sierra Canyon School, a private, independent, non-sectarian, coeducational school facility, serves students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

    The extremely diverse campus population is representative of the Greater Los Angeles region and the entire world. Because of the small class sizes, the diversified student-teacher culture, and the familial atmosphere, students are allowed to realize their greatest creative, ethical, intellectual, and physical promise.

    8. The Webb Schools

    Website: https://www.webb.org/

    Location:1175 W BASELINE RD, CLAREMONT, CA 91711
    Phone: 909-482-5214

    • Student-Teacher Ratio: 6:1
    • College Preparation: Yes
    • Graduation Rate: 100%
    • Average SAT Score: 1430
    • Yearly Tuition: $54,752

    The Webb Schools were established in 1922 by Thompson Webb in the gently undulating foothills of Claremont, California. It is known for its unmatched educational powerhouse.

    There you go!! The best private high schools in Los Angeles were analyzed and picked for you to consider for your child’s education. These schools not only hone your kids academically but also push them to explore their talents, all the while developing their intellect to ensure they turn out to be responsible citizens of this global community.

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    Moonpreneur is an ed-tech company that imparts tech entrepreneurship to children aged 7 to 16. Its flagship offering, the Innovator Program, offers students a holistic learning experience that blends Technical Skills, Power Skills, and Entrepreneurial Skills with streams such as Robotics, Game Development, App Development, Advanced Math, and Book Writing & Publishing.
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    10 months ago

    How can I afford to send my child to a private high school in Los angeles?

    9 months ago
    Reply to  victoria.s

    There are a number of ways to afford to send your child to a private high school, including:
    Financial aid: Many private high schools offer financial aid to students who qualify.Scholarships: There are a number of scholarships available to students based on their academic merit, athletic ability, or other factors.Payment plans: Many private high schools offer payment plans that can make tuition more affordable.

    11 months ago

     As a parent I’m a bit confused. How do I choose the right private high school in LA for my child?

    9 months ago
    Reply to  Dutchguy

    When choosing a private high school for your child, it is important to consider the following factors:
    Academic program: Does the school offer the academic courses that your child is interested in?Extracurricular activities: Does the school offer the extracurricular activities that your child is interested in?Location: Is the school located in a convenient location for your family?Cost: Is the school affordable for your family?



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