Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

Ten Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids


Visual learning is always a more interesting method of teaching kids. YouTube is a platform that is fast becoming a space through which a child can learn concepts related to any subject.

During the pandemic, parents searched for kid-friendly YouTube channels which contained more engaging educational content for kids ranging from kindergarten to junior high.

Robotics Class for kids

The below-discussed channels talk about various kinds of educational content which include math, science, reading, history, digital literacy, media, etc.

This is the digital space where you and your child can have fun through interactive learning!!   

1. Crash Course Kids

This channel has content specially dedicated to fifth-graders. Although this channel has now been static for quite a few years they contain a plethora of evergreen kid-friendly content.

Crash Course Kids

A kid can watch and learn on topics ranging from gravity to food chains to Newtonian fluids, and much more. Their content is especially suitable for kids of age 9 to 12 years old.

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2. Kid’s Learning Tube

Kids Learning Tube has videos that will get kids hooked on learning. A bundle of educational videos for kids focussing on various informative topics. The videos of this channel combine original sing-along educational songs with animation in order to create a fun learning environment for young children.

Kid's Learning Tube

It’s a great way to make learning fun for kids as well as help them in remembering various topics such as Earth Science, Geography, Anatomy, Natural Disasters, etc.

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3.  Ted-Ed

Ted-Ed needs no introduction as this channel contains a host of quality videos made just for young kids. These videos answer many more burning childhood questions in a beautifully animated way.


The explanation of scenarios related to ‘What If’ and ‘Why Is That’ has been done in a detailed and exquisite manner. While most preteens and inquisitive adults will love this channel, several of the videos are appropriate for younger kids, as well.

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4. Netflix Jr.

A platform such as Netflix is a place where one can find some of the greatest shows of all time but Netflix Jr on the other hand is a platform that provides some of the most popular children’s educational shows being made today.

Netflix Jr.

StoryBots, Octonauts, and Ada Twist, Scientist, for starters are a few of the very best ones where kids are entertained and gain knowledge as well. These videos are made specifically for kids currently studying in Pre-K to Second Grade, but some of these videos might also appeal to third and fourth-graders.

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5. SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids is a YouTube channel that is hosted by Jessi and her rat robot companion named Squeaks. The show answers many questions such as, “Why Do We Get Sick?” and “What is a Tornado?”.

SciShow Kids

This channel’s videos cover almost everything ranging from space science to biological science and are very uniquely designed. The explanation is engaging and the facts are presented in one of the most interesting ways possible making them one of the best channels for children in kindergarten till fifth or sixth grades.

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6. Nat Geo Kids 

Does this one need an explanation? National Geographic Kids is one channel where kids can discover about animals, planetary science, and much more. The Nat Geo Kids YouTube channel is a great place for kids of all ages and caters to various topics ranging from animal science to weird but true facts!!

Nat Geo Kids 

Kids can definitely have a great time learning here with Nat Geo Kids releasing a new video every day about awesome animals, cool science, funny pets, and much more.

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7. Ryan’s World

Ryan’s World is a creation of Ryan Kaji and his family.  This is a child-led kids education and entertainment channel. The YouTube channel incorporates science experiments, simple chemistry, animal world facts, and interviews with scientists.

Ryan’s World

The channel’s online learning portion of the content is fun and informative but the video interviews will be more enjoyed by older kids in grades third to sixth. 

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Robotics Class for kids

8. Homeschool Pop

The simple and engaging nature of the content makes Homeschool Pop a great YouTube channel for kids. The channel is hosted by a real homeschool dad named Daniel and the videos cover topics ranging from animal facts, history snippets, math pointers, and much more.

Homeschool Pop

Most of their educational videos are under 10 minutes and are best suited for kids studying in kindergarten through second grade.

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9. MinutePhysics

An educational YouTube channel created by Henry Reich in 2011, MinutePhysics describes itself as “cool physics and other sweet science”. Their channel’s videos use whiteboard animation while narrating complex physics-related topics in one of the easiest ways possible.


The channel’s aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-understand content is designed for kids studying in the fourth to sixth grades.

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10. Highlights Kids

This channel has not been much active lately but its content is Like its classic parent magazine, the Highlights Kids channel is for children 6-12 and it includes jokes, activities, and recipes. 

Highlights Kids

Kids can find poems, songs, stories, or letters from other kids making this YouTube channel one of the best to keep your kids hooked on learning while having fun!!

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Bonus Channel: Moonpreneur 

Is your child deeply interested in the way Robots work or a Game is developed? Is he also interested in playing with numbers? Or does he show signs of becoming a successful entrepreneur? If any of the above has got your head nodding then your one-stop solution is Moonpreneur!! 


Our videos focus on practical as well as hands-on demonstrations of ways to build various kinds of interesting and innovative robotics prototypes.

Moonpreneur’s videos focus on skill enhancement and entrepreneurship which are suitable for kids of age 8 to 15 years. Additionally, we also provide uniquely and holistically designed courses related to Robotics, Game Development, Advanced Math, and Power Skill Development which are taught by one of the best in the industry!!

To help your child learn multiple skills and build interesting hands-on robotics projects visit our YouTube channel.

So, here you go!! We have curated a list for your little one so click on the above links and let them go exploring while they learn and grow through the videos.

To further see your kids learn more about science-related topics such as Robotics and Game Development, Advanced Math, and more log onto Moonpreneur today and book a 60 min free session in robotics, advanced math, app development, and game development with us or talk to our program advisor at +1 (855) 550-0571. 

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    10 days ago

    Already subscribed to few of them being a parent however there are few new channels here that i would love to subscribe for my child.

    3 days ago

    My 8year old loved and enjoyed watching these channels, thanks.

    1 month ago

    The suggestions here are great and my kid is loving some of the channels suggested

    1 month ago

    It was a pleasure to read. The information is beneficial.

    22 days ago

    These YouTube Channels are awesome for kids that help a lot to spread knowledge to those who look for it.

    17 days ago

    This blog post is a must-read for anyone looking for educational content for children on YouTube. The list provides a great variety of options, including channels that focus on science, math, and history, as well as channels that teach coding and other skills.