Why Kids Should Study Mathematics

Five Benefits Why Kids Should Study Mathematics

Why Kids Should Study Mathematics


Mathematics is food for the brain

Mathematics is the foundation of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) subjects. Math or mathematics, whatever you may call it, may be positioned at the of this acronym, but when it comes to learning, math is crowned as the king of all science subjects.

There is no denying math is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if taught in the right way, anybody can excel in it. Simple steps and simple explanations make math easy and engrossing. We know the big benefits of excelling in math therefore we are set to empower students by developing advanced and mental math skills in students through our Advanced Math Course, a combination of Common Core Standards, Vedic Math, Mental Math, and Power Skills. 

Now, you must be wondering what are the big benefits of learning math. We would love to share the top five benefits of learning math.

1. Improving cognitive functions

Those who love mathematics know that mathematical thinking develops the brain. According to Dr. Benjamin, a professor of mathematics, math helps you think precisely, decisively, and creatively and helps you look at the world from multiple perspectives.

Improving cognitive functions

Studying math also helps in developing skills such as systematic thinking, problem-solving, sequence and pattern recognition, etc.

2. Improves working memory

Some people instantly take out a calculator or resort to pen and paper to do simple calculations. But if you know mental math, your mind will work as a calculator and it is quite possible that you may complete the calculations much before others.  

Improves working memory

That’s why we focus on mental math as it improves working memory. 

3. Improves visual processing

Visual processing skill is a must to excel in mathematics. A mathematical brain works faster than a computer; it can quickly compare, relate, and interpret visual information.

For instance, in the classroom, the teacher writes 35+13 =? 

If the children’s visual processing is developed, then they will process the information and answer this without even blinking their eyes.  

Improves visual processing

The same goes for advanced learners who will be able to do bigger calculations by processing the information.

4. Develops logical reasoning

Dr. Matthew Inglis and Dr. Nina Attridge of the Mathematics Education Centre argue that learning mathematics can develop and hone general skills, such as logical thinking, the ability to analyze problems based on assumptions, and an awareness of how underlying assumptions can influence analytical conclusions or think. 

Develops logical reasoning

Logical reasoning has long-term benefits. As a team leader, you can use it to make decisions, and solve problems. As an innovator, you can use this skill to come up with innovative ideas.

5. Improves creative thinking

According to Monash University, mathematics, creative thinking occurs when students generalize. Generalizing involves identifying common properties or patterns across more than one case and communicating a rule (conjecture) to describe the common property, pattern, or relationship. 

Improves creative thinking

The benefits of learning advanced math is much larger, we have shared these five points to sensitize you. If you will go deeper, you will find plenty of benefits of pursuing math. Our mission is not to impose anything on children, we hand-hold them through the learning process and they get engrossed without even realizing that. 

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