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back to school guide
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    The Parents’ Guide to Back to School 2023


    back to school guide


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    It’s that time of the year when after spending a perfectly joyous summer, your kids are ready to go back to school again. It turns out to be a bit challenging to return to a fixed schedule after spending a few months in fun. And as difficult and boring as this transition is for kids, it is also for parents. 

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    But say whatever you want; there is no debate that the child’s future is important. So, if you need some help getting ready for back to school, here are some great ideas to try out. 

    How Is Back to School Period Tough on Parents?

    It is understandable that kids do not like to return to the school schedule after the summer holidays. But little does it seem comprehensible that this period is tough on parents too. But that’s the harsh truth!

    You are used to having your kid around at home all the time during summer, and a pause on that joy is tough on the mind. Secondly, the kid’s education is always your topmost priority, and it is natural to get anxious if you are getting it all right for them. 

    Some parents might be worried if their kids would do well around other students, especially if they have recently moved to a new place. Parents should remember that it is natural to go through these feelings, and acknowledging them is the first step to finding relief. 

    7 Tips to Help You Be Best Prepared for Back To School

    1. Create a Checklist

    You can start ahead, at least two weeks before school starts, and create a checklist of everything you need to do. This includes setting a morning routine, shopping for supplies, clothing, and other stuff, preparing yourself and the children mentally for school, and more. 

    By making a checklist, you ensure you are not forgetting anything important. This certainly brings relief and alleviates the anxiety related to the back-to-school period. 

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    2. Go Shopping for School Supplies

    Every year, you need to buy new supplies, whether it’s books, school attire, or other school items. Instead of waiting for the last moment, shop at least a week before school reopens. 

    This gives you enough time to make replacements for the bought items if needed and ensure that everything is in place on time. 

    3. Get the Child into the Routine a Week Before 

    Neither you nor your kid will likely be in a strict routine during the child’s summer holidays. While you can transition into an early routine much more easily, it is always difficult to get the kid to do it. So, rather than having a tough time waking them up early on the first day, start working on it at least a few days before. 

    They can shift their waking time by half an hour or so each day and easily get into the required timing by the time it’s school reopening day. 

    4. Pre-Pack the Schoolbag

    Once you have got the supplies ready, pre-pack the school bag a couple of days before school reopens. This helps you check if you have not forgotten anything and that everything is organized and in order. 

    You don’t want your kid to miss out on something important on the first day of school because they forgot to pack the bag beforehand. 

    5. Plan a Meal Menu for the Week Ahead

    One of the biggest concerns on your mind regarding back to school is the lunch menu. So, a great idea to relieve this tension is by planning a meal menu for the week ahead every Sunday. You can start this habit the day before the school reopening day and continue the same every weekend. 

    Once you decide on what you are going to prepare for lunch the entire week, you can get the supplies accordingly, create a routine for the cooking time and not worry about the meals anymore. 

    6. Talk to Your Kid

    Kids are likely to be going through both excitement and stress a few days before school reopens. While they may be excited to meet their classmates and friends, the overwhelming schedule, study load, and other things might worry them. Additionally, if your kid is going to a new school, they will likely be very nervous. 

    It is always a wonderful idea to take an hour or so on the day before reopening to talk to your kid openly. Make them feel comfortable talking about their anxieties and show them that you trust them enough to share yours. This strengthens the parent-child bond and gives confidence to both of you to face school again. 

    7. Make the Final Day Before School Memorable

    One of the most recommended ideas to end the summer holidays is by celebrating and having fun with your child. You could maybe take them on a day trip, plan a fun group activity, do something adventurous, or simply go out for dinner to enjoy the evening. 

    Knowing that you appreciate their presence and are going out of your way to make the last day memorable will cheer up your kid. 


    In short, these are a few amazing tips to ensure a hassle-free back-to-school experience, both for you and your kid. While the transition can be challenging, remember that you are doing this for your kid’s brighter future. This will help you deal with all the anxieties and stress easily. Hope this helps! 

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