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Best After-School Programs in Brooklyn
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    Best After-School Programs in Brooklyn


    Best After-School Programs in Brooklyn

    Update: This article was last updated on 5th March 2024 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

    Best After School Program In Brooklyn

    Are you a parent living in Brooklyn, looking for after-school programs that can help your child grow and develop new skills? We’ve done the work for you… In recent years, there has been a rising trend of after-school programs, especially in urban areas, due to changing family dynamics, and busy work schedules. There is a growing awareness and purposeful effort to provide better-organized and more structured lives for children. These programs offer a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, and music lessons, which can help your child explore their interests, build their self-esteem, and get social beyond school boundaries. In this article, we will explore the 6 best after-school programs in Brooklyn that provide a safe, supervised environment for your child to learn and grow outside of regular school hours.

    Top 6 After-School Programs in Brooklyn

    1. Tiny Scientist

    Tiny Scientist

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) has become the new buzzword in town, and for a good reason. STEM education is critical to preparing our children for future careers, which will require skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. As a result, many parents are now looking for after-school programs to help their children develop an interest in STEM education. 

    Tiny Scientist is an excellent place to introduce your children to STEM education. With a focus on hands-on, interactive activities, this program offers a fun and engaging way to explore STEM concepts. 

    It offers classes and workshops on various STEM topics, including coding, robotics, engineering, and more. The program also offers camps during school breaks and summer vacations, allowing children to continue learning and exploring throughout the year.

    By enrolling your child in this program, you can give them a head start in developing the skills they will need to succeed.

    2. Moonpreneur’s Robotics Program

    Moonpreneurs Robotics Program

    An extensively designed curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects and offers a comprehensive understanding of robotics and programming basics such as coding, statements, variables, working with sensors, and other related concepts. This program will be an ideal choice if you intend to foster profound technical expertise in your child, in addition to cultivating leadership, creativity, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

    3. Super Soccer Stars

    Super Soccer Stars

    If you have a young athlete at home who is bursting with energy and needs an outlet to release it productively, look no further than Super Soccer Stars. Touted as NY’s No. 1 youth soccer program for more than 20 years, here, kids of all ages and skill levels get a chance to learn and play the world’s most popular sport.

    Designed for children between the ages of 2 and 12, this program teaches the fundamentals of soccer while promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness. The highly trained coaches use a curriculum that is both fun and educational, teaching children basic soccer skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and game strategies.

    4. Aviator Sports and Events Center

    Aviator Sports And Events Center

    Image Source:

    One of the best after-school programs in Brooklyn, Aviator Sports, and Event Center offers a well-rounded experience for children of all ages. With a focus on safety and providing a nurturing environment, parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands. 

    The program emphasizes academics, with experienced staff helping children with their homework to ensure they complete it to the best of their ability.  

    After completing homework, children can explore Aviator’s vast 175,000 sq. foot facility with their after-school instructor, engaging in various recreational activities such as ice skating, gymnastics, rock climbing, arts and crafts, dance, and other sports.

    Aviator Sports and Event Center’s program is perfect for parents seeking a comprehensive after-school experience for their children.

    5. Brooklyn Global Prep

    Brooklyn Global Prep 2

    Image Source:

    If language is on your mind, Brooklyn Global Prep could be your go-to school for the after-school program. Designed for children between birth and 7 years old, Brooklyn Global Prep is a language school that offers a variety of innovative language immersion school experiences to give children a taste of a new language in a fun and engaging way. 

    Experienced teachers who are native speakers with vast knowledge and experience in bilingual education design lead Brooklyn Global Prep’s enrichment programs.

    6. Brooklyn Music School

    Brooklyn Music School

    Image Source:

    Research has shown that music can have a positive impact on brain development, especially in the areas of language acquisition, spatial-temporal skills, and executive functions. Playing an instrument or singing engages multiple brain areas, improving memory, attention, and processing speed. 

    If you are looking for an after-school program offering a range of creative options with dance, music, and theater classes, Brooklyn Music School is the right fit. The school offers both in-person and online lessons. They also offer a pickup facility from local participating schools!

    Overall Demand For After School Programs

    Image Source:
    This graph illustrates the data about the overall demand for after-school programs.


    Brooklyn offers a diverse range of after-school programs to cater to the interests and skills of every child. Whether your child is interested in music, sports, STEM education, or creative arts, there is an after-school program that will suit their needs. 

    With the list of the 6 best after-school programs in Brooklyn, you can choose the perfect program for your child that will help them to learn and grow outside of the classroom. 

    So, go ahead, explore the options, and give your child the opportunity to thrive in their after-school activities.

    Moonpreneur is on a mission to educate and ignite the flames of entrepreneurship through our holistically created online STEM programs, which will help kids master the futuristic sciences such as Robotics, Game Development, App Development, Advanced Math, Math-Quiz to test your kids knowledge, and much more!! 

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