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10 Must-Watch Entrepreneurial Movies For Kids
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    10 Must-Watch Entrepreneurial Movies for Kids


    Update: This article was last updated on 27th February 2024 to reflect the accuracy and up-to-date information on the page.

    In a society that values creativity and innovation, nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset in children is more critical than ever. 

    So how do we instill the entrepreneurial spirit in our children’s curious minds? Well, here’s the secret weapon in our epic mission: Movies. 

    They’re not just entertainment, they’re the secret mentors, quietly sharing knowledge on resilience, creativity, and the buzz of the business world. 

    Here is a list of ten must-watch films on entrepreneurship that aren’t just fun to watch, but also incredibly educational for people with young, growing minds. Prepare for an evening of films that not only inspire and innovate our next generation of leaders but also provide popcorn and good times.

    Get ready to be entertained, and educated, and prepare the ground for the next generation of entrepreneurs!


    Here is a list of the ten must-watch movies for kids that will inspire them:

    1. The Social Network (2010):
    The Social Network

    This film explores the difficult beginnings of Facebook, spearheaded by the enterprising Mark Zuckerberg. The film, which stars Jesse Eisenberg as the title character, follows Mark Zuckerberg’s path from creating the social network in his Harvard dorm room to dealing with legal issues and financial difficulties. Sean Parker, an online entrepreneur, adds depth to the story, making it a cautionary tale for would-be entrepreneurs.

    Why it is among the top films about entrepreneurs?

    The Social Network portrays important aspects such as the Harvard dorm room, coding culture, and the founder’s lack of emotional intelligence, effectively capturing the archetypes of entrepreneurship and the early emergence of the digital sector in Silicon Valley.

    2. Jerry Maguire (1996)
    Jerry Maguire

    In the movie, Tom Cruise plays Jerry Maguire, a sports agent who launches his own business after losing his job for pushing for a more individualized strategy. The movie centers on Maguire’s quest to start again with just one customer and highlights his tenacity as well as the traditional startup tale of doing it alone.

    Why it is among the top films about entrepreneurs?

    Jerry Maguire presents the well-known story of going it alone because one thinks they can do things better, emphasizing the value of tenacity and a devoted clientele.

    3. Joy (2015)

    The real-life tale of Joy Mangano (Jennifer Lawrence), an entrepreneur who overcomes adversity to develop the groundbreaking cleaning tool known as the Miracle Mop, is told in this film about entrepreneurship. The movie depicts Mangano’s hardships, highlighting the mayhem that goes on behind closed doors in tiny company operations.

    Why it is among the top films about entrepreneurs?

    Joy effectively conveys the difficulties faced by company owners in juggling their obligations to their families and conquering impediments to realize their ventures.

    4. Wall Street (1987)
    Wall Street

    The famous quote from Gordon Gekko, “Greed is good,” serves as the backdrop for this business film, which centers on the aspirational stockbroker Bud Fox. The movie offers a look at the world of corporate finance by highlighting the negative effects of dishonest business practices and the slippery slope of greed.

    Why it is among the top films about entrepreneurs?

    In its examination of corporate finance, investing, and capital markets, Wall Street highlights the perils associated with unbridled greed and immoral business methods.

    5. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)
    The Devil Wears Prada

    This film, which is based on a true tale, follows Andy, an ambitious journalist who works under the formidable editor-in-chief Miranda Priestly to advance in the fashion world. The Devil Wears Prada emphasizes the value of ethics and integrity while challenging the idea that business success equates to pleasure.

    Why it is among the top films about entrepreneurs? 

    Like Wall Street, this film shows the protagonist’s conclusion that her first ambitions were more fulfilling while exposing the hollowness of corporate success and money.

    6. Office Space (1999)
    Office Space

    The protagonist of this satirical comedy is Peter Gibbons, a corporate worker who is tired of the routine of the workplace. Office Space delves into the thoughtlessness of conventional corporate culture, emphasizing the discontent and dearth of motivation seen by several staff members.

    Why it is among the top films about entrepreneurs?

    Viewed from a business perspective, the movie illustrates how the rigidity of traditional corporate culture may demotivate workers, which in turn motivates the main character to seek more rewarding employment.

    7. Erin Brockovich (2000)
    Erin Brockovich

    Based on a true incident, this courtroom drama stars Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich. The movie highlights the value of business ethics and social responsibility by following Brockovich’s battle against the powerful Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

    Why it is among the top films about entrepreneurs?

    Despite not being a conventional entrepreneurial tale, Erin Brockovich is a source of motivation for business owners who support social responsibility and moral corporate conduct.

    8. The Founder (2016)
    The Founder

    The Founder chronicles the life of Ray Kroc, the visionary who made McDonald’s successful. The status quo is challenged by Kroc’s unwavering quest to expand the fast-food empire, which illustrates the tenacity needed to launch a ground-breaking company.

    Why it is among the top films about entrepreneurs? 

    The movie inspires entrepreneurs who are driven to create the next big thing by examining the difficulties of creating an empire and upending conventional wisdom.

    9. Baby Boom (1987)
    Baby Boom

    Starring as J.C. Wiatt, a business executive whose life changes when she takes on the role of an infant girl’s guardian, is Diane Keaton. Baby Boom highlights the entrepreneurial genesis story by following Wiatt’s path from corporate failure to the foundation of a profitable business.

    Why it is among the top films about entrepreneurs?

     Baby Boom captures the spirit of the boom in women-owned businesses and speaks to well-paid corporate executives who opt out of regular employment in favor of entrepreneurial endeavors.

    10. Big Night (1996)
    Big Night

    Big Night centers on the restaurant startup of Primo and Secondo, two Italian brothers, highlighting Primo’s unwavering commitment to his culinary vision. The movie serves as an example of how crucial it is for businesses to succeed in comprehending their customers’ preferences and make concessions.

    Why it is among the top films about entrepreneurs?

    Big Night is a cautionary story for business owners, emphasizing the need to figure out what customers want and the need to make concessions to run a profitable company.

    Lights dimmed, popcorn ready, and inspiration in the air – these ten movies offer more than just entertainment; they provide a cinematic classroom for young, growing minds. By watching these films, we not only entertain and educate but also lay the foundation for the next generation of entrepreneurs. So, let the show begin, and may the entrepreneurial spirit awaken our children, making them the business superheroes of tomorrow!

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