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AI and Automation

AI and Automation are two technological pillars of the modern world, each of which plays a significant part in making the world more efficient, productive, and lucrative.

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    What do AI and Automation do?

    Future of Jobs Report 2023 by World Economic Forum


    AI-Automation Impact on Occupation

    Decline in current jobs
    Will kill 300 million jobs

    Growth in new jobs
    Will create 97 million jobs by 2025


    Types of Automation

    Key Roles of Automation

    Types of AI

    Capabilities Based AI

    Narrow AI: Weak AI. It can perform one narrow task.
    Examples: Apple Siri, Google Translate,

    General AI: Strong AI: AI that can comprehend or learn any intellectual job that a human can. But not discovered yet.

    Super AI: An AI that beats human intelligence and can outperform humans. It is a hypothetical AI.

    Functionalities Based AI

    Reactive Machines: Do not store memories. Works only with present data.

    Limited Theory: Trains from past data to make decisions.

    Self-awareness: Exists hypothetically.

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